Christmas Eve Busk

For more than a decade well-known artists gathered on Grafton Steet for the annual Christmas Eve Busk to raise vital funds to support people experiencing homelessness.

This year’s Busk is once again a victim of Covid-19 but thanks to the support of artists and creatives we are delighted to bring you a live-streamed version of #TheBusk.

The guitar case is now open in front of us and you can donate right here – join us at 9pm on Christmas Eve at for the streamed live performance concert captured during Christmas week in the true spirit of the busk.

The event is free to watch but we ask that you support Simon Communities across Ireland by donating here to help us fill the €1.5 million fundraising gap caused by Covid. Donations will help us to keep the doors open at Simon Communities across Ireland to provide essential supports in tackling homelessness, and delivering homelessness prevention initiatives.

A big thank you to all the amazing artists and creatives who came together at short notice to realise this fantastic initiative.